Is it possible to make pickups that are mounted on pickup rings be mounted on the body? i have an ibanez RGA32 and they have the pickup rings, but i prefer the look of the pickups mounted on the body instead.

i want it to look like this, just in case there is any confusion

any help is greatly appreciated. thanks in advance!
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Once you take the rings off you'll be left with the 4 holes that mounted the ring. You'd need to fill them (not very tough) and match the filler to the original paint/ the rest of the body..which could be an easy-ish fix on a solid finish, or could be quite tough on a stained figured top

Then you'd need little risersto fill in the pickup routes, because right now they're too deep for stable hardmounting
and don't forget the hole might be somewhat bigger than the pickups when there's a mounting ring so you might also be left with some gaps around the pickups after you take the ring off.
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