Hay, today I finished building my first ss amp (soild state). It's a 8w chipamp kit for the power amp and the barber ltd (silver fox clone) for preamp. The power amp worked great and made sounds but after I added the preamp I can just hear white noise (then I turn on the drive i hear more gain but still no sound). What places to check and how to debug?
well, check the preamp!

i dont have a schematic, so its hard to pick points to check. an easy one to start with is making sure you have power (and ground) in all the correct places. sounds stupid, but its where i start. a floating ground or missed power bus can get some stuff out of wack quick.

after that checks out, start tracking the signal path. you have to find a way to send signal to it while you check, and i set my multi-meter to AC voltage. start at the input, and trace your way till you lose the signal.
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Here is the schematic


By the way I used a dpdt switch. 1 Pole is switching out put and 1 is switching the led (the inputs are joined together). Is this a good switching?

It's just like crybaby switching. not the best but it works. you'll notice that since the circuit input is always connected (whether or not it is 'bypassed'), it will suck tone just like an unbuffered crybaby does. to fix this you can add an input buffer to the pedal or you can use a 3-pole switch (2 poles for the effect and the extra for the led).