Hey guys; I'm pretty new here but not new to recording and playing. I have a decent setup, (Logic etc) but I thought I'd copy a blogpost I made from Icompositions.com detailing my experiences with the ipad, and in particular Garageband for ipad. Lemme know what you think, eh?

The Ipad is a gamechanger. Yep. Here's my initial thoughts on what it's like for music for me just on it's own. Pretty awesome. 5-600 bucks for the ipad, and 5 bucks for the garageband app.

My Guitar Lesson App For Ipad
My Guitar Lesson App for Iphone/ipod Touch

So I've had an ipad for a while, 2 months or so. I use it to test and validate apps I've made. I never thought in a million years that I'd be excited about it in a musical sense.

2 nights ago I picked up Garageband for ipad. It's only got 8 tracks, and looks like all of the other goofy little toy apps out there, but what the heck, eh? How bad could it be.
My Ipad is one of the later 1st generation ones. Only 16G of space, and well... it's basically a giant ipod only no video or camera features. It was looking like it was going to be as I thought; a disappointment. It did have a microphone on it, so it wasn't a total loss...

So I loaded GB up. Started mucking with making a drum track. Which was fun. REALLY FUN!! Then I made a quick bass track. Again, SUPER FUN!!! You can do bending and vibrato. Entering in your notes is crazy, crazy fun... Now I was sort of stoked. I wanted a guitar track. A real one. My Les Paul Studio through my Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 401 40watt combo.

I was pretty sure that the volume I normally play at was going to clip the mic. Heck, the meter went red just from talking. But, I put in some headphones and hit record and played anyways, albeit at a substantially lower volume.


I was kind of pleased. 8 tracks, only 5 bucks and i made something that wasn't horrible in about 4 minutes. Plus, the ipad is so portable that you can do certain things that you couldn't with your big 'pro' setup.

I then had to see how bad it clips. So I created a guitar track, a bass track, and a drum track followed by a lead track; everything turned up a bit so I could see what kind of mush it makes. Bloody deadly.


So obviously the onboard microphone is simply WAY too sensitive. So I tried a couple of different things to get the level down; drums clipped no matter what. So finally, I decided to just take the mic hole on the ipad, and cover it with some weather stripping. Here's what I got, excuse the playing.


Ahhh much cleaner. I could now crank some stuff up, and just carry this little guy with me if I had to just rely on the internal mic. It's not THE best, but it's clean, and a good player in a good room with a great kit all tuned up could make it work.

OK, so then I decided I wanted to hear a 'garageband only' type of thing. I wanted real guitar, but I'd use the GB amp simulators just to see what's what. Drums and bass would be done using the GB drums and Bass. Pretty fun, and really shows a lot of potential. Remember that I didn't even read the damn manual, I just jumped in and started making stuff up. THAT easy. All of this was done over 2 days, and really only minutes spent each time.


Anyways, I tried to resist this thing, but I can't. It's too convenient and useful. Great job apple.

Next time, I shall plug some OTHER stuff into it and see what we can do.

Like this; Kinda quiet level-wise, but a start... I used a Malmsteen Strat plugged into a Line6podxt plugged into a Roland VS880 which then went into irig into the ipad. The irig is not that great as far as clarity and clean signal, but does a passable job at the moment.