I'm about to restring my 7-string Washburn guitar and figured I should post this first just in case I have to do stuff before hand. The high e string on it has HORRIBLE fret buzz on literally every fret. Also I know there is a note way at the bottom near the body that skips a half step. Like it should be the sound of the 20th fret but its the sound of the 21st or 22nd fret. Never really had this problem before but what is the problem and how can I fix it?
The "skipping" note means your intonation is off or one particular fret in that area is considerably higher than the others, which means you're pushing the string further past the top of it which causes the note to go sharp. This can be fixed with fret levelling. Dont' try to do this yourself; take your guitar to a qualified tech or luthier.

The buzzing is caused by the action being too low, which more often than not is caused by the bridge being set too low and the nut slot being cut too low although it could also be that the truss rod has been over-tightened. This is basic set up and you should be able to fix it yourself, just measure the relief of the neck and adjust the truss rod or bridge as needed. Thebridge should be your first port of call really, you don't really want to adjust the truss rod unless you measure the relief and it does turn out to be way off.
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