Well, I think it is. I've seen a lot of strat/vip/LP copies and only have seen 2 of these.

Warmoth Z Body
Mahogany/Quilted Maple

Warmoth Neck
22 Frets
No Inlays

The body will be dyed black, with a blue top. Neck will be dyed black with a black lacquered face. All black hardware. You guys have any comments/suggestions? I'd love to hear them.
Transparent Blue top? If so that it would look GREAT with gold hardware. Good luck on the build. Keep the thread updated I will be following it.
Quote by Tyler.Allain
Transparent Blue top? If so that it would look GREAT with gold hardware. Good luck on the build. Keep the thread updated I will be following it.

I agree, but I want it to have a more metal look while still being blue. I plan my next build on being trans. green with gold hardware.
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Alright, I placed orders with both Stewmac and Warmoth for more parts:

Your order will ship in 1-2 weeks (estimated).
Item Qty DescriptionPrice Total
Timbermate Wood Filler - Ebony, 8 ounces $6.99
ColorTone Liquid Stains - Blue $17.40
ColorTone Liquid Stains - Black $17.40
Seagrave Vinyl Sealer - 1 quart $23.64
Seagrave Nitrocellulose Spraying Lacquer - 1 quart $23.64

Tax $0.00
Shipping $10.75

Round Top Knob, Black 3$10.05
Warmoth Metal Decal, Smoke Chrome 1$3.75
Football Side Jack Plate, Black 1$6.50
Mono Jack, By Switchcraft® 1$3.00
Tone Pros Tune o Matic, Black 1$69.75
Planet Waves Auto Trim Tuners, Set of 3L+3R, Black 1$68.00
Single Battery Box 1$10.00
5-Way Blade Switch 1$14.00
Strat® Switch Knob, Black 1$1.75
Neck Plate Pad, Black 1$2.00
Neck Plate, Black 1$6.75
Copper Shielding Tape, 2" x 24" 1$6.00
Neck Screw, Set of 2+2 for Contoured Heel, Black 1$3.00
Top String Ferrules, Set of 6, Black 1$3.75
Guitar String Ferrule, Black 6$5.52
Wiring Kit , (1 ft ea of Black, Red & White Wire, 3 ft of Coaxial Wire) 1$5.95

Order Totals
Subtotal: $219.77
Tax: $0.00
Shipping and Handling: $15.50
Discounts: $0.00
Total: $235.27

I actually called stewmac to find out why it was going to be 1-2 weeks before my order is shipped out and the woman told me thats how long it takes for them to round up all the items. I told her I just placed an order with warmoth right before the stewmac order how I had already received the shipping conformation on 16 items and she was like 'Well I apologize sir but the lacquer you ordered is on backorder for 1-2 weeks.' I insisted they ship out everything else immediately because I can dye the guitar, seal it and all that fun jazz before I even NEED the lacquer but she declined and then refused to give me overnight shipping. I'm pretty sure I'll never order from them again. I expect the local McDonalds to give me the runaround with customer service because they hire every minimum wage hoodrat they can find, but StewMac is supposed to be a good company... Reranch next time for sure.
Quote by XgamerGt04
Oh no you didn't get your way. Boohoo. Also since you seem to not understand, laquer cannot be shipped by air, so you can't get it overnight. Patience is a virtue severely lacking in people. I also remember reading in their policy that they don't split shipments.

If it bothers you that much cancel the shipment... but I bet it is back ordered in a lot of places. Forget the disaster in Japan? That has a big impact that stupid consumers don't realize. But you won't hurt StewMac one bit. The customer is not always right, and in fact most of the time they are wrong. You knew when you placed the order it could be a certain amount of time for them to ship it. When you ordered you agreed to that wait, whether you read the conditions or not.

1) I didn't go into one of your threads and call YOU 'stupid' simply because I didn't like a post.

2) Disaster in Japan? I'm not sure how that corresponds with an order in which all the items except 1 are in stock.
Quote by XgamerGt04
You knew when you placed the order it could be a certain amount of time for them to ship it. When you ordered you agreed to that wait, whether you read the conditions or not.

All orders received by 4pm Eastern time (Mon-Fri) ship the same day. In the U.S., "Standard" shipping should take between 2-7 business days. Faster "2-Day" shipping arrives in two business days (examples: an order shipped on Monday will arrive on Wednesday, an order shipped on Thursday will arrive on Monday).

3) Don't call me stupid when you flat out made up the fact that they DO NOT split shipments up.

Shipping Restrictions

"Split-shipments" are available for U.S. customers that allow non-restricted items to be shipped via air while the restricted items will ship via ground carrier. There is a $3.00 shipping fee calculated into the air shipping costs for the restricted items shipping separately via ground.

Due to air shipping regulations, we are not able to ship restricted items (flammable, toxic or noxious products) by air or to locations outside of the U.S. If an item cannot be shipped by air, it will be noted on the item's page and your order with the note, "Cannot ship by air or outside the USA."

Next time before you post in a thread with the sole intention of insulting them, think twice.
Quote by XgamerGt04
Its not calling you stupid , but it shows the "stupid consumer" principle well. In modern times everyone that is buying something believes they are the most important buyer for that company. And a company as large as StewMac, that sells to guitar manufacturers, doesn't see it that way. Consumers also don't have any understanding of supply issues. So when something isn't right, or when they feel they have been wronged because they aren't getting instant gratification then they scream about the company and claim they will never buy from them again.

Its just like the people that say they hate Wal-mart. More than likely everyone one of them will buy items from Wal-mart again.

And as for the disaster in Japan... you realize that EVERYTHING is suffering from this. Car parts, electronic parts, paint, everything. Japan is heavily involved in raw materials or the actual product.

They may ship it by air again, but I remember for the longest time they could not ship laquer by air, and as such could not ship it overnight. When I ordered it from them a year ago they made sure to tell me "We cannot ship this item by air".

Actually... wait a minute...

So wait... they can't ship it by air. And it makes sure you know that many times. When you try to get to the laquer it says it, when you look on the page for that item it says it, and when you try to check out it says that.

And apparently I was wrong on the split shipments. I know some companies are like that and I may have had the wrong one this time.

Just a tip for future talks with places you order from, getting aggressive either gets your order placed on the "let it sit for a bit" pile, or canceled and blacklisted. They don't have to offer you free anything if an item is back ordered, but like I did say... you can always cancel the order and buy from somewhere else.

Whatever. I'm done wasting my time with this conversation. The minute you said that stewmac finds guitar manufacturers more important than the every day consumer just goes to show that you have no clue what you're talking about. Stewmac does not manufacture their parts. Guitar manufacturers go DIRECTLY to the manufacturers for their parts to avoid the upcharge that stewmac charges. We can't buy directly from those manufacturers usually because its not cost effective to them to sell to us which is where stewmacs upcharge comes in. I can clearly see you've never worked in retail. I managed a petsmart and our average upcharge on items was 75%. So while that can of dog food cost 1$, we only paid $0.25 for it. Same goes for stewmac. They pay a smaller amount but buy in such large quantity that the manufacturers are more than happy to sell to them. They receive the product, mark up the price, and sell it for a profit to US. Guitar manufacturers do the exact same thing, however they place the parts in guitars that they sell to the consumer rather than individually selling to us.

Now, please just leave the thread alone. Its supposed to be a positive thread showing my build, and instead its turned into another catfight on an internet forum.
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Just as a heads up, lmii says they have it in stock so why not give them a call?

I was trying to avoid having too many packages come in at once. My packages get stolen quite often so I have to take time off of work just to be home to receive things.
can't wait!

but it's tuesday...
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