I have an iPod classic 160gb and I have recently put some new music on it and it won't play... And now suddenly some songs just say they're playing but the time counter is stuck on 0:00 there is no album artwork, then the iPod just freezes. I've tried resetting it numerous times but to no avail. Strangely some songs work fine, others make it freeze. Before you suggest restoring it, i'm saving that as a last resort. Any ideas of how to fix this?
Your best bet is to restore it and put everything back on. Then you'll have to go to Apple because it's a hardware problem.
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iPod's are fucked. Mine does weird glitchy shit all the time. I can't wait until it breaks so I can buy something that's good, instead.
are the songs downloaded or bought? because I've had problems like that before with a song I downloaded and it never worked on my iPod so I deleted it and downloaded another one. or it could be something with the Hardware
If the same songs are doing it even after re-syncing it's probably a corrupt file. Otherwise you may need to contact apple to repair the iPod.
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You don't need to reset it via your computer. Just do a hard reset. Hold down play and middle button for six seconds.
I tried that loads, yet it freezes again everytime, i'm in the process of restoring it on my computer, just having to wait years to put my 4000 songs back on :l
You have some corrupted music files. That's due to either a scratched CD or file corruption. I would try to get another copy of the .mp3 or .mp4 (or whatever) and then see it if works. You may want to reset your iPod before you try to do this, if it skips on more than a few songs, as it might actually be the iPod itself having files that are bad. But try reseting your iPod & then get a new copy of all the "bad" songs.
If none of that works, go into your local Apple store & bitch at them. Don't just call their customer service hotline. Actually go into the store. Cuz then 1) the store has to deal with you until you're satisfied enough to leave AND 2) they can physically look at your iPod and do some checks to see if the issue is your iPod's core files.