I don't.

Sunn O))):
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You could always just sleep beside your refrigerator.

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congratulations, you've posted the first "local" band that hasn't made me bleed from every orifice.
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You're a retard, read Scourges posts. There is already a system folder, why do I need a system32.
Wow I was expecting a band playing badly but it was great! A different kind of sound, I love it you need to film you guys doing it in a town or city

Edit: just realised the guy with the Yamaha has the same good as me
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That was actually pretty nice to watch & listen to.
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Never heard of Seinfeld, what kind of music do they play? Assuming they use Kramers, it must be heavy!


Wasn't this posted not long ago?

Edit: It was , by YOU!!
Caught red handed
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