i have a laney vc30 112 amp and use the amps distortion, this sounds good but i want a pedal to make it sound great, ive tried boss distortion pedals but they sound pretty crap, any ideas on a good pedal thats nasty aswell as nice sounding "thinking fuzz" which will make me think "wow that sounds awesome" .i only play at a reasonably low volume if this makes any difference cause i live with the folks and have neighbours.

Based on that information? Go to youtube. Find proguitarshop's channel. Listen to every demo of a fuzz they have. Then buy one of those fuzzes.
yeah, first of all you need to decide what type of pedal you want... i agree, i'm not fussed on boss' distortions, but that doesn't mean all distortions are bad.

Of course if you want a fuzz that's fine, but don't discount distortions solely because you don't like boss' versions.
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^That sounds like a fuzz face. EH's fuzz is called the Big Muff Pi. It's a different type of fuzz sound. More of a fuzzy overdrive than just a flat out fuzz pedal.

^my BMP. It's thicker and more of a "wall of fuzz" kind of sound than a fuzz face.

Also, fuzz pedals don't tend to sound as good played quiet. That's when they start to get harsh and buzzy. But putting them in front of a pushed tube amp and they sound really musical.
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I'd recommend not getting the Dunlop Fuzz Face, if that's the tone you want. It's okay, but there are lots of clones that are just as good or better for less money. The GGG kit is actually a great option if you can solder, it's right here:

Or the BBE Free Fuzz, which I understand is a Fuzz Face clone:
I don't think the dunlop ones have NKT-275s. The only ones that I think that do are the Analongman Ge Sunfaces.
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dunlop made some company make nkt275s, they arnt the NOS ones back then, but eh they got a flashy name.
Even though im a Ge fan the blue hendrix one is pretty win. Or if you can, check TGP for a foxrox hot silicon fuzz
You mean the cheaper red fuzz face... (the non-Hendrix signature)?

I'm going to have to go check that out...
The Leviathan was a huge letdown...I mean, it's good, but the Wampler site had me so excited about how it was the first fuzz that was perfectly consistent and reliable, gave wild your-amp-asplodes tones and still maintains the natural character of the guitar, and then I heard the demos and said "Oh, it's a Muff." I don't think it's what Skilly's looking for, it's nothing like that crunchy Fuzz Face tone.
just borrowed a "big muff" EH pedal from a friend and its exactly the sound ive been looking for, iam made up with it, thanks for the replies
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just borrowed a "big muff" EH pedal from a friend and its exactly the sound ive been looking for, iam made up with it, thanks for the replies

Which version of the big muff is it?
just called "big muff" its silver with red writing and made in the usa, think its the pi but its doesnt say pi on it, what does pi mean btw?
Pi as in the greek letter pi.

If it's silver/black/red, it's the USA reissue. It's a solid pedal (I have one) but not very similar to the sound in that video you posted. It's more of a Pink Floyd sort of fuzz.
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ive been improvising some solos along with some of nils lofgrens songs on one of his live albums and it sounds very similar, i havent compared it to the sound on that video yet but from memory it does sound similar.
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