So I made a thread like this a while back but didn't get much help.

Basically I need a good quality 1x12 cab to go with my JCA20h. Right now I am using a Harley Benton 212 with the cheap speakers and it's horrible, so much fizz when sat infront and you cant even hear any note played on the low E string due to the sheer amount of mud ( strangley the fizz goes away slightly if you stand up directly infront of it )

Anyway I have a budget of £220 for a new cab. So far my choices are;
Orange PPC112
Matching Jet City 1x12
Blackstar 1x12

I'm leaning towards the Orange, but really I'll take any cab that doesn't sound fizzy when sat infront because right now it is unbearable. Also no amount of EQ'ing has helped.

You sure its not a wiring issue with your guitar? Have you played another head through your cab or your guitar though another amp to see if the issue persists? Don't jump to conclusions that your cab is the problem if you haven't troubleshot your rig.
I'm pretty sure, It does it with both my guitars. Also it doesn't do it through any other amp. TI haven't tried the amp through any other cab but I would probably bey it's the cab seeing as it cos £100 and has cheap Chinese speakers in it as well as the fact that if I stand up most of the fizz goes away. I don't think amp amp would do that.
I think the Orange cab is made in China. Not sure about the quality, but that's something to keep in mind.