I know from prior experience dealing with a British Company while I live in the US that 1GBP~1.5USD at most given days. I know this isn't perfect, but its about average for GPB to USD most weeks.

I've also been reading a lot of stuff on here about prices and I was wondering if the pricing staid the same across currency conversion rates. Would a guitar that costs 300GPB be about 450USD? I know England and Europe had some pricing issues with video games being 50GBP which is about 75USD and sell in the US for 50.

This is just a curiosity for me and I was wondering because I see so many price ranges around here and would want to know also to make more helpful reccomendations.

For some concrete numbers
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These were chosen at random as they didn't have a range of prices (some models have a price according to color). Like I said this was more of a curiosity to me, and just wondering if everyone is getting fairish prices or if someone is getting hosed. This applies to any country, just do to dealings with Forge World approximate Pounds to Dollars.
Short answer: no

Long answer: definately not
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I live in the Netherlands, if I order from Musicstore.de, than I would pay LESS than a German who might live next to the actual store. Same Euro.
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They don't for many reasons. Chief among which is tax rates and comission that guitar shops charge.
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You should think of it along the lines of "why isn't EVERYTHING converted perfectly?".. and you'll have your answers.

Or what everyone else has written...
It really does not work out like that at all. A guitar that is US$400 will be GBP£400. Guitar brands and distributors don't seem to realise that the internet exists and we can all see what other countries are paying so they think they can get away with pricing everything at the same number in every country and ignore the currancy exchange rates. If anything they do that and then pretend they haven't included VAT so they bump it up by another 20% on top.

America always - ALWAYS - has the cheapest prices, usually by anything from 20% off to 60% off. And it's not worth people outside the US importing from American either because when you import you get stuck with increased shipping obviously but also then VAT and lots of customs and import duties so it usually ends up costing even more than if you just bought it in your own country.

Also the exchange rate is actually more like £1=$1.8, most of the time. At the moment it's at about $1.7 for every £1. So that rubs it in even more than your maths does.
Uh no, a $450 without tax guitar is probably gonna cost around £450 with tax... maybe a little less depending on the commission the place you order from is.
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Yeah, the exchange rate might suck (depending on the side of the pond), But the UK gets boned on shipping costs and import duties. IIRC, Brits can get better deals on American-made goods by buying from mainland European stores. But I'm not 100% on that, and I'm pretty sure I heard that quite a few years back.
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