Heres my newest song i just got done writing. I was kinda feelin the whole egyptian sounding thing. Let me know what you think. Peace.
I love the intro, less fond of the rest of it, although -core isn't really my thing.

Nice work!
I liked it quite a lot. Same as above, not the biggest fan of metalcore in the world, but it didnt sound like stereotypical metalcore. Keep up the good work!
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I liked up to bar 25. Then the rest there is some good ideas and melody but I wasn't feeling it too much. The breakdown could be a little more creative. That sort of thing is really done to death in so many songs, though I like the melodic parts and the solo that's played over top of it.
Pretty good stuff dude. And you didn't do the generic 05050507080705 type of playing or overdo the harmonizing.
Dude, I absolutely adore this song. With some vocals that chorus could be legendary.
Huge Props.
Keep up the good work.