So I just changed my strings for the first time (yaaaaaay) and my my....what an experience. Definitely different from changing violin and viola strings. Definitely a learning experience. I definitely learned that the strings need slack so that you can get multiple winds around the pin before it gets tight. Otherwise you end up with too few winds around the pin and it starts slipping (definitely will remember this since my strings don't have nearly enough winds.)

I definitely learned that you need to keep a little tension on the string with your hand, otherwise it just flips over and you have to start over.

I definitely learned that you want a wire cutter, a pin winder (whatever it's called), and possibly a screwdriver handy.

Most of all, I DEFINITELY learned that it's a learning experience, and you can't get frustrated if you make mistakes.

Anybody else remember their first restringing experience?
oh yeah ;D first restring was awesome, half of them were wound the wrong way so tuning was horrific for the first few weeks. also the plastic stringwinders are awesome so u dont have to turn the peg manually to tighten the string. also a nice trick is when youve tuned, you grab your string and pull it. itll go out of tune so you just tune it again and repeat till the strings stay in tune!
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aah the memories ...

Just dont attempt your first string change on a floyd rose trem, theyre a nightmare for the inexperienced
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Wow, looks like you DEFINITELY learned a lot of things.

Where's Waldo?

So much definately...

Anyway, first restring was fun, but kind of a pain at the same time. Didn't have any major problems.
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If you bend the stings at a 90 degree angle before pushing them through the tuners you don't have as much slippage. Check youtube. There are a ton of good string changing videos. Also locking tuners will prevent any string slippage.
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So much definatly...

Anyway, first restring was fun, but kind of a pain at the same time. Didn't have any major problems.

I remember the thread which your sig is from

Where's Waldo?

it's all been said in the set up thread in this forum.

anyways, i always find that 2 to 3 wraps around the peg is optimum. any less, and you may get strings slipping. any more creates a sort of elastic mass that gives tuning stability problems.
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Hey, it's better than stringing a mandolin. They're so small and fiddly...I have tiny fingers and I still can't get everything to fit.
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