I have a fairly limited knowledge of guitar pedals.

But what I really want is a phaser pedal. There is a specific feature I want on this pedal though: An expression pedal that will control the position of the sweep of the phase. I'm not sure if this is actually possible, due to the way a phase works. But as stated I have a fairly limited knowledge of pedals.

Is this possible? I can't find any pedals that do this, the expression usually only changes the speed of phasing. If this is possible, how could I make a pedal or modify a pedal to do this. Ideally I want it in a wah-style housing, but just adding an expression pedal to the side is easy enough.
You basically want a wah coupled with a phaser i think

but you can do it with the Adrenalinn III pedal also, when you link it up to the FCB1010.
It might not be the cheapest option, but the Adrenalinn III has SO many midi sounds to it and it might be worth your time/money
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I don't want a wah. I want a phaser.
The variphase controls the speed. I got my hopes up about it already, but not what I want.
That Adrenalinn III looks way too much. The Variphase is closer to what I want. Is there anyway to combine a wah and a phaser within the same circuitry? Or would the wah just destroy the phase tone?
I don't really know myself. But doesn't a Wah change the original signal, whereas a phaser changes a second signal and mix it with the original?

According to Wikipedia:
Wah - The pedal sweeps the peak response of a filter up and down in frequency to create the sound
Phaser - used to filter a signal by creating a series of peaks and troughs in the frequency spectrum. The position of the peaks and troughs is typically modulated so that they vary over time, creating a sweeping effect.
Hey Kraken, you could look into the Boss ME series of multi-effects. I know the ME-70 has this feature, but I'm not sure of the others: the expression pedal can be set to control the speed of the modulation effect.

Hope that helps.
This is my problem, the only phasers i can find control the phase speed, rather than control where in the sweep of the phase the signal is.

Basically, the pedals i can find make the "whoosh" faster or slower. I want to control the "whoosh" with my foot. So when right back on the heel, it's the "wh-" part, when you rock it forwards, you get the "-sh" part, with the "-oo-" being in the middle.

Does that make sense?
The Digitech RP1000 can do it. There's a video on youtube with Llexi Leon recording a soundtrack, and on one song he used an expression pedal to control the sweep whenever he wanted.
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Finally! I've been looking for so long, thank you so much:
Digitech RP1000 - awesome, but wanted a stompbox.
Quasar DLX - Just perfect! I know my next pedal buy!