I have been playing for some time now and I need an amp better than a Peavey Rage. I am looking for an amp $200 or under. I play mostly metal with some classic rock and blues. I was thinking about getting a 30W Vyper, but i have seen so many negative things about modeling amps. I need some suggestions, because a Rage is a good starter amp, but after 4 months it sounds like crap. And go easy on me, this is one of my first posts.
I have the 15w vyper. I like it as a practice amp. You can get some decent tones out of it. I have a peavey rage awhile back and I agree with you on it. I'd suggest the vyper.
Go to a music store and get a used guitar amp. You can get like an 80 watt amp for $200.
I highly recommend the Vypyr. You can get a new 30watt for $200 or possibly a used $75 watt. Either is good. They sound good for metal and are fairly gig-worthy(I played several shows with my 75 watt, death metal of course).

Not all of the models are good but a few of the high gain ones are pretty good and most of the clean ones are(I personally hated the Fender models).
I just need a small practice amp, because i can barely play the complex stuff, so gigging is out of the picture for a year or two.