Basically, me and a small group of friends want to start a project under the name "Techno Jesus." Being the most experienced musically (I often write music not only for guitars and drums, but also including piano, synths, strings, et cetera), I think a lot of it has fallen onto me. Although this is mostly for fun, I do plan to actually try to do something of decent quality. The problem is, I don't know where to start. I know how to write, but I've only put this type of thing in Guitar Pro. What programs/samples/whatever would I need? We have a cheap USB mic, through which we can record vocals, which we then plan to treat heavily with effects and such (the vocals aren't a central part). We do have a keyboard, but none of use are experienced playing one, and I don't think we have a way to hook it up to a computer anyways.

Basically, what I'm asking is where would I get programs for the drums and synthesized instruments, where could I find any samples I would need, and what programs would I need to do all of this? We don't really have a specific end-product in mind, but if I had to guess, I'd say we're going for a Daft Punk-ish sound.
Ableton Live is the perfect DAW for electronic and dance. A good MIDI keyboard would be one from the AKAI MPK series (I belive the MPK49 comes with Ableton Live Lite). I have both the MPKmini and the MPK49. The link on my signature has plenty of great sounding samples and a ton of free ones as well. You can listen to the demos provided with each sound pack to get a feel for the files it includes.
youre gonna need an audio interace, a DAW( Ableton,Fl studio, Reason ect) and a midi controller or a sytnh with midi imputs outputs.

DAWs are often prety expensive if you wanna buy, but their is some free ones around I beleive. (I hheard a lot about reaper around here.) its with that program youll be able to create synth sequence and edit them as drum loops and effects for your vocals.

from there you can use the presets synth or work yourselff your own sounds by tweeking around and using VSTs( basicly synth that you can download for your DAW).

The Midi Controller isnt VITAl at first and you can work withoute one, but it helps a WHOLE lot.
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