My AC4TV has stopped producing sound. The power light is on. There is a slight mains hum. The tubes are glowing and I've tried a couple of different cables. Help

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take a look at the pcb, look for any burn marks on resistors and caps.
OT may have blown.
Hi i've also encountered this issue.

2 days playing then this;

recently purchased an as new Vox AC4TV. all was well for a couple days then i decided to daisy chain some pedals into it to mess around with the sound.

In doing so the amp just cut out on me. it switches on, the tubes glow and i'm at a loss as to what it could be?

i made i rookie mistake of plugging the pedals in backwards (amp side to guitar and vice versa) could this cause an issue?

any idea what's going on?

the amp still hums but i just can't get any output.

fuses seem ok as it turns on.

Is it possible i've fried my cables in some way? Someone suggested this as a solution to me.

circuit board issue?

any help would be grateful, thanks


ETA: was ebay purchase so not sure on the warranty side of things
For future reference you should just make a new thread, this one is from 2011.

My suggestion is an internal fuse has blown. If you are not comfortable working around LETHAL voltages, take it to a tech.
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did you buy it new from a business seller on ebay or was it used?

either way you probably should have some comeback (I hope) but if it were new from a business dealer/shop you definitely should. you should contact ebay to see what they say.
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