Recently I bought this little and cheap interface:

The quality is very decent for 10 bucks on ebay (new) But I'm havin a problem, when using guitar rig and/or other programs. I can't make it reproduce the sound through the Audio card in my pc, the only way I can hear me playing is connecting my speakers/headphones directly to the audio interface. Is there any way to overcome this? Thanks!
you'll need to set up guitar rig or any other program to recognize the usb interface
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If you are using guitar rig then you will need a program called ASIO4ALL.

It is basically a driver that lets you use your guitar link and sound card at the same time.

You can find it here: http://www.asio4all.com/

P.S once installed, click the spanner in the ASIO window to customise what inputs/outputs you are using. It isnt very clear.

I already had ASIO installed but my audio interface doesn't appear as a device when I select "ASIO4ALL v2" as the Device (on Guitar Rig).

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Hmm thats strange. You sure you not bought a broken one? I have the same one myself in white and it works fine with ASIO.
I updated the drivers and that problem was solved. But now, if I choose the USB as input and the audiocard as output I have a latency problem.