So i just started making like a facebook page and reverbnation and purevolume pages for the music tht i make, and i was just looking for like ways to reach out and get more fans and become alittle more noticed. any ideas?
There was a thread about 10 minutes ago in the top 10 threads.

fliers in music shops tend to work well. ish.
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The ol' fashion way works

Get out there and play your music!
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I always get spam on youtube from people trying to get me to listen and I just delete it, just make good music, put it out there and hope for the best is my opinion.

I'd say playing live would be the best way to be more noticed because people have to listen to you, and if you impress they are more likely to follow you.

of the few people I have looked at and accepted to friends on youtube I rarely if ever listen to, or even like. I'd rather have real fans than a bunch of people who accidentally accepted requests who don't actually like you.

I'd say that the best thing you could do is to put your music on Youtube to promote it better, but beside that just kind of go with the flow.
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Bomb a school. Either that or what you really need is a new amp.

Don't bomb a school. Just buy a new amp.
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If i were you, i put my band on a myspace page, post some vids on youtube and tell your friends to spread the word. It wouldnt hurt to try