Hey guys!

So, today my dad got me some Dunlop Original Straploks (I originally wanted Schaller strap locks, but they didn't have them at the store so he just "decided" he'd buy the Dunlops and he's been trying to convince me to keep them cause he's just way too lazy to return them...) Anyways... I didn't really want to drill a bigger hole into my guitar, so I used the stock strap button screws. I screwed them in and they seem tight but I'm afraid that they'll eventually fail...

So.. Will they eventually fail?

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Dunlops are fine.

I prefer Schaller, since the guitar isn't just resting on the locking part of the straplock, but they're sturdy enough.
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Yes they will fail.

In about 180 years when the wood around the screws will decompose. Stay put, my friend. As for the straplock mechanism, some ppl say they get stuck in the open position, but i think if you lube it from time to time you won't have any problems.
why couldn't you return them yourself?
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OT: Yeah they're safe. I bought some for my buddy as a birthday present and he loves 'em. Not as user-friendly as Schallers but they still do a fine job.
If the screw fits it fits.

If it's a bit loose just slice up some matchstick slivers, dip them in PVA glue and slide them into the hole and gently screw in the screw and remove it. The next day after the glue has dried screw the screw back in.
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Why would they fail? I've been using Dunlop Strap Locks for almost 2 years now... no issues. If the screw does start getting loose, put a toothpick in there. Maybe some wood glue for good measure. You'll be set for years.
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Avoid Grover - I had a set on my LP Custom that have simply fallen to pieces. Lost the spring and ball-end, nearly dropped the guitar, and could I find a receipt....? I would have been better off using Blu Tac.
I used Dunlop on a Tele I had years ago and had no problems.
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I use the Dunlops on all my guitars and ive never had a problem with them so you should be fine.

And a screw is a screw.
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