iv been playing around with different tunings for my 12 string and was just cuirous if anyone had any songs that are in open d cause out of all of them that one is my fav
Not entirely sure about this but, "Jigsaw Falling Into Place" by Radiohead I think is in that tuning
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The Cave by Mumford and Sons is in open d with a capo.

yea that song, but u don't need to capo thats just have Marcus plays it. but it sounds better capo'd
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The Cave by Mumford and Sons is in open d with a capo.

that is the song that got me in to open d
The Gardener by The Tallest Man on Earth.

But seriously, for a challenge, try working out your own chords, and playing acoustic versions of songs that are in standard. For example, work out D, A, Bm and G, then you're set to play a massive amount of songs.

For these tunings, there are only a shallow pool of resources, and most are from people who have taken that creative step and done it themselves.
Bob Dylan's Buckets of Rain is a nice song in this tuning
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If Open D is DADF#Ad and you're into a acoustic "pop" song look up Payphone by Sungha Jung. He uses a regular (6 string) acoustic and it's a really cool showoff song which I can't do
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Corrina, Corrina by Bob Dylan is in Open D I think. Great song
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Open D, or equivalently open E, is a common tuning for blues slide. A large proportion of my repertoire is open D/E, nearly all slide, and a lot of it my own arrangements of folk and blues in standard tunings.

This should give you some ideas:


A famous open D, non-slide tune is Blind Blake's original version of Police Dog Blues, but it is pretty demanding.
Oh man, try some John Fahey songs if you like fingerpicking. I usually play Sunflower River Blues on my 12. Poor Boy Long Ways From Home is pretty fun too, same with Red Pony (though that one's Dm, so you bring the F# down to an F)
If you want some really good 12 strings songs I'd say listen to Leo Kottke, but his stuff isnt easy at all imo
Lordfireheart Make God Jealous by Alain Johanes is one of the most beautiful songs for guitar in my opinion and it's on a 12 string in open d. I have never found any good tabs of anywhere though
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Corrina, Corrina by Bob Dylan is in Open D I think. Great song

That's an old blues song from decades before Dylan. He just changed some of the words.

As telebrien says, Fahey did most of his work in open tuning.
I am a finger-style guy so Im gonna recommend two eastern style songs, which are exotic and relative easy.
"Miracle Mountain" by Masaaki Kishibe:
"Hana" (Flower) by Masaaki Kishibe: