Notbworried with how, I got the basic gist down, the only thing is this:

I use headphones for monitoring, and I have them plugged into my pod as a record, problem is, it is SIGNIFICANTLY louder through my headphones than my computer is reading, and, get this, the tone I get while jut playing and not recording is different than what I get when listening to the recorded track (the track is way bright and has almost no low end)

Thoughts on what errors I may have made?

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I haven't used a pod xt in a looong time, but I remember there being some sort of option window onboard that dealt with different output setups/modes when recording via usb. It sounds like you have cab emulation turned off, which would make sense because when playing it through an amp, this is the setting you want. See if you can find a way to turn the cabinet on, or some sort of usb recording mode and then you should get the same tone you're monitoring.