I've got 10 days to write a song if I want to perform at my school, and I really want a classical guitar piece. I've looked on the internet to find how to write one, but i can't find any good guides. I've tried writing a few bits, but they all come out like they're a song that requires singing, like rhythym guitar. I really can't get the hang of it. I've studied a few classical songs and i would quite like it in a major key, and if possible, triplets seem to work well as well.
Please, I need help!!!
try counterpointing a melody
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Try tuning an acoustic guitar into dadgad and using arpeggio's on normal chord shapes, you'll find some strange and wonderful sounds pop out, also classical style guitar pieces generally have a simple bass line with little melody parts over the top so start with a simple bass line and crowbar some little bits in around them
get some tabs of a classical guitarist called fernando sor there should be a million of them on here
or check out romanza or etude in e minor
or to get what i mean about the bass and the melody line split have a look at tenacious D rock your socks