Hey guys, I'm thinking about purchasing one of these PRS' as my second decent guitar, just wondering if there's anything else in the same price/type range I should look at first? I've heard them compared to the Hellraisers but if I remember those are active and I want passive pups. Any other overall info about the guitar from people who use them would be tops!
I love mine. Was the first PRS SE I bought, I have two now.
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just tried out the SE semi hollow today. great guitar. solid build, very good quality, light, and i LOVED the neck.

no gripes except: the bridge. nt really a fan. not bad. good placement, easy to palm mute, looks simple. however for some reason it anoyed my hand, lack of intonation adjustment, and i just dont really like th look from the players angle. i prefer a sleeker wrap around with intonation adjudtments or a full TOM setup. or string through.

i wuld absolutely fall in love with the guitar if it had a tonepros bridge on it.
I've owned several ESP's, F-250, EC-500, F-50 and Sc-607. Yet I'm ****in in love with my Prs Se-22. I love it. it shreds and only cost me 200 at a pawn shop. I'm switching out the pickups for some Bareknuckle pickups and it'll be perfect. My only gripe I guess was that I wish it was 24 frets but it's whatever, 22 is perfect really.
Ahhh great! I've heard good things about them before but had to check. Is it worth possibly spending a bit more and getting something that might last a bit longer? I'm only worried if I should be spending a bit more as I already have my Epi Dot which is a great guitar and I should look at something a bit more upmarket.

Btw I'll be playing mostly prog rock stuff, Karnivool, Circa Survive, Tool .etc
Price range is around $1000 AUD
Buy it. Don't think twice about it. You won't regret it.
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This would sound amazing:


And for the price, you certainly can't go wrong.

As far as playing rock/metal goes, I actually prefer the tremonti pickups in my PRS signature to the 81/85 EMGs in my LP Prophecy. Just something to think about.
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They are coming out with an SE 245 in July...I cannot wait to get my hands on one to see how it sounds/feels!
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Quote by bkmurff
They are coming out with an SE 245 in July...I cannot wait to get my hands on one to see how it sounds/feels!

that thing should straight up kill the agile armada.
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How does the 245 stack up against the se24? Anyone tried one?

the 245 is aimed at the les paul crowd. a custom 24 is just a custom 24. i haven't tried the 245 or seen it in the stores yet.
i think i saw something that the SE245 is coming out in June/July. i will be selling my singlecut for one for the nicer finish, birds, and LP control scheme.

however, i will also throw my SE filled signature into this mix and let is speak for itself. iv sold gibsons to have more SE's, not just cause i could have 2 for the price of 1 gibson, but i legitimately like it better. they have pretty fat necks, which despite having small hands, i like, and they are just very solidly built guitars. the pickups and even tuners could use a nice upgrade, but i cannot say enough about the SE line.
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Quote by gregs1020
the 245 is aimed at the les paul crowd. a custom 24 is just a custom 24. i haven't tried the 245 or seen it in the stores yet.

Ahhh yep, just read up On it a bit more. Jeez it looks sexy though!
i was at GC the other day. i played a les paul with p90s which was sex. so much character and grown with a nice thick clean sound. compared to that, the SE semi hollow sounded a bit dull. dull is harsh...maybe more uncharacteristic.

not a bad sounding guitar by any means but i can concluded that the build quality of the guitar exceeds the quality of the pickups (like most mid range guitars like epiphones or something).

if i had the money i would try to get a used SE, put locking tuners, ugraded pickups, and a tonepros bridge and it would be an amazing instrument i dont care wat anybody says. if you say wrong, your a fool. i mean heck yes there is better, but nobody would call it an unsatisfactory guitar.

and yes, the PRS wide-fat neck was interestingly refreshing. slightly wider than i an used to, comforatably shallow but not too thin,and a nice curve. great neck and frets.

solid built and feels like a toothpick compared to a les paul. light and well balanced.