Sounds pretty good, I really like the dual guitar melodies throughout the song. From what I'm hearing in my headphones, it sounds like the bass drum isnt cutting through a whole lot in the mix sometimes, but this is really personal preference (I like a strong bass drum sound in the mix). Something also seems to lack in the overall mix (seems pretty dry, very little depth in drums and rhythm guitar), though I'm not sure what it is yet exactly because I'm not listening through my studio monitors.
great song... great quality and tone.... though its a nigh too long, you tend to repeat each section 2- 4 times, making it loose its punch, some, especially the last 2-3 minutes are great and melodic, but start to drag on. Also try to spice up your rhythms in your melodies, they tend to be somewhat "square"
Sounds good man, digging the riffs, the quality of the recording, and the solos are cool as well. Has a very prog kind of sound to it, reminds me at times of something dream theater would do. What are you using to record the guitar? I like your tone. Would you mind checking out my new song idea?