I've got a question about the solo in the Stevie Ray Vaughan song "couldn't stand the weather", which I'm working my way through at the moment. From what I can tell, the first part of the solo is played in the first position of the D minor pentatonic scale. But then around the 3:16 mark it sounds like he switches to a different key. Either that or he's just dropping down to the 5th position of the D minor pent scale?

Anybody know what I'm talking about here?
No. But you could just download some tabs, see which sounds right, then figure it out like that if no one's smart enought to be more helpful here...
Technically speaking the first part of the solo is in C#m, and the second part is in Bbm.
But if you are tuned down a half step, the postions are, respectively, where Dm and Bm would be in standard tuning.