so im looking at bying some earnie ball 12 - 56 i noticed they have a normal set , and a coated set , is it worth paying the extra for coated strings? cause im considering buying like 5 sets or something so i can get combined postage, thx
They last a little longer than regular strings. If you don't like to change strings often or you find your strings usually wear through pretty fast then give the coated ones a try but they're not the second coming of Christ in guitar string form. I used them for a while and found nothing wrong with them, they do what they claim but I didn't think it was enough of an improvement to justify the almost doubled price tag. 10 packs of regular strings won't cost you much more than 5 packs of coated strings and will last longer.
Ernie Ball strings last fine for me normally.

If I want coated strings, I go the extra mile and get Elixirs. I can leave them on my guitar for 9 months and they still sound awesome and are rustless.
just buy a 10 pack of power slinkys, If you but online at musiciansfriend or guitar center you get two extra packs for free.