Hey y'all. Very important question here.

Our practice studio is 30m² (98² feet).
Here is how the gear is placed :

I can't hear myself sing most of the time and the guitars get drowned in the mix sometimes...

How would you set it up ?

Thanks !
I have the exact same setup with my band...
Could it be you are all playing too loud?
Notes tend to disappear when you play extremely loud in places with bad accoustics
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Well obviously then you can hear too much drums and bass. Move yourself and your PA to the bottom of your diagram and you'll probably be all good.
you have everything aimed into the middle, near yourself this will make balancing the mix a problem. You need to angel speakers to all face in a general direction so you all hear the same mix, then if you need to hear yourself invest in some monitors to aim back at the players. Keep the two guitar amps and bass amp spaced out where possible to let the sound diffuse before combining. It helps keep the tones separate. Best plan is just trial and error with speaker placement and monitors.
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