Hey guys, I haven't posted here in a while...

Basically, a couple of years ago I used to make instrumental guitar songs, but then I got into producing electronic music. This is the first instrumental guitar song I've made in a couple of years, not including the two folk songs I made with vocals.

I'm hoping this time I spent producing music has made me a better...Well, producer.

The only instrument I used in this was an acoustic guitar, with varying degrees of reverb and chorus.

It's called Praying at the Zephyr Pagoda and you can catch it here on bandcamp (Along with my other folk stuff)


Or here on soundcloud if that suits your fancy


It's not very long, I hope you enjoy your listen!

this sounds great man. real chill, i dont have any suggestions except possibly adding a bass line? even if you dont have a bass just a simple little groove with the acoustic. just my .02 but im diggin the sounds. checked out some of your other stuff too and its pretty good bro keep it up
Hmmm I actually did that, but then I listened to it again and realized it was really really quiet in the mix. I was hoping no-one would notice :P

Nay, I'll change it later. Thanks man, I really appreciate the feedback.
hey man this was really good bro. I liked the feel of it actually. What was the time sig of it?? (i followed you on Soundcloud btw gj
Thanks! The time signature was mostly 4/4, but it slips into 3/4 at one point. What I did was play different parts faster than other parts though and then layered them, so I guess it sounds more complex than it actually is!