I couldn't find anything about them on this forum so I thought I'd tried to promote them a little. They're a really good and unique 4 piece band from England.
They're different in the way that they use xylaphones in certain songs and the singer's voice is very original and distinctive.
They don't seem very big at all as of yet and I found them through the Burberry Acoustic campaign on Youtube. Just type them in and they should come up.
Song I reccomend:
-Get Closer
They have more but those are the ones I think you'll enjoy the most,
Hope you try them out and like them,
Also I've written a tab for Alleyways if you fancy trying to play it.
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Hmmm i listened to Alleways and Carla, both those songs sound very mediocre in the likes of it has been done before, and his voice i don't no it either i didn't like his timbre/tone or the mix mixed him so loudly that it become unlistenable
With Alleyways especially, I think it's very unique bringing the xylaphone in and you do have to take in to consideration that there's no editing with it whatsover. It's as raw as you can get which might affect the harmony of the instruments and the singer. I do understand what you mean though it's quite a simple song in terms of structure etc. But I love listening to it all the same, Thanks for trying them out though man