Recently bought a LP custom for really good price and was planning on customizing it.
I've decided i want to replace the bridge with a Seymour Duncan JB SH4.
Not sure what to put in the neck to generate i walm tone for cleans and blues style play.
The pickup that seems most commonly paired with the JB is the Seymour Duncan '59 SH1.
Is this a good idea? or is there any better suggestion?
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I've got a jb/59 set and its just what I want. I can get a nice dirty tone (though I don't usually use too much gain), but still get nice cleans. Just as a side note, I've actually got a bridge jb in the bridge (as usual), and a bridge 59 in the neck. So the necks just a bit hotter

You may also want to check out a SD jazz. I prefer the 59, but many people love the jb/jazz combo

Of course, you could mix and match whatever you want really. Those are just two of the more typical combos

And just for future reference, there's a 'which pickup?' Thread for questions like this