i have a question on this its similar. I know how to play chords, but i dont know how to match them by ear. What i mean is like Am -> C -> Em...by my (newb) ear they match... But which chord like that Matches with F or Bm..
you mean like making progressions?
well sir you are off to a long discovery into music theory and key signatures
so if we are in F major there is one flat and it is Bb so the chords would be
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The chords that selkies indicated are a basic progression for Fmaj. Just follow the notes and the pattern:

F  G   A  Bb  C  D  E
I ii  iii IV  V vi vii*

That's the pattern for a major key. All the uppercase letters indicate the chord is major while lower case is minor. The chord with the * is a min7b5 or a diminished chord. So you get the chords F Gm Am Bb C Dm Edim. For a minor key (I'll use D minor to keep it simple) it becomes:

D  E   F  G  A Bb  C
i ii* III iv v VI VII

Just follow those patterns for now and once you get used to those and you learn more theory, you'll have a pretty good knowledge of what will and will not sound good and you can start adding 7th chords, sus chords, add9, add11, 13, etc.
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