What is the difference between the LTD ec-401 and ec-1000? They seem exactly the same, minus the price tag....
The finish with the little pearl edge on the entire body, but I cant spot anything else either. Funny that you bring this up, because I'm thinking about getting one myself. A ec-401 that is. I was kinda wondering the same thing...
There are no major differences, tuners and little things like that. But one has Sperzel and one has Grover which are both great locking tuners, so virtually there is no real difference other than the color options for the Ec-1000. And for the gold Ec, you get Duncans
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EC-1000 has gold hardware and ESP tuners, the EC-401 has Black nickel hardware and Grover tuners. The EC-1000 might have another bridge aswell Im not sure...
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so, from a parts/spec standpoint:

401 has grover tuners, 1000 has ESP locking tuners. 401 has a standard tune-o-matic bridge, 1000 has a tone-pro's locking model. the 1000 also features some models with Duncan alnico 2 pickups, as well as some with EMG's and SD JB/59 sets as found on the 401

beyond that, the 1000's seem to be a little better put together; they look a bit nicer and they consistently resonate better. on top of that, the 1000's get nicer veneers on the maple and a crapload of abalone (good or bad depending on your views)
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Ok, is the price differnce worth the little improvements though?

Depends how much you like the guitar, those little improvements to things like wood and build quality cost a lot of money to make though so in terms of monetary investment it's worth it. Really the only choice is to find one and try one to see if you think it's worth the extra cash.
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