So the third string on my 7 string guitar makes a loud harmonic sound (a "shiny" type of sound )whenever i play certain frets and lifting my fingers up so it just barely touches the fret like the 9th and 15th fret. I have tried it on other strings and they also produce a similar sound when i play the 15th fret on each string only the top e and b strings do not have this problem. My action is set fairly low and i have a tom bridge.So is the problem due to my action or something else?
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You should check your truss rod and your action.
best would be to give it to a tech.
or google how to do it
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You sure it's not you doing some natural harmonics or partial artificial harmonics? Cause that's what it sounds like your doing.

i just fret the note and lift it up partially and there will be the noise for no reason
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