Recently I've been getting into trying new techniques and trying to get the basics down of pretty much everything, just so I feel more complete as a guitarist and have more ways to create and play music.

I've been trying eight finger tapping recently which I really want to get good at, mainly to be able to play multiple parts at once similar to a piano. I've been working on chromatics with my right hand but I've got a few questions:

1 - When pulling off with your right hand, does it matter which way you pull? When I tap normally (just with my middle finger) I pull off downwards (towards the high E) as I find it more comfortable and pulling upwards (towards the low E) sometimes causes strings below to ring out. Is upwards or downwards preferred, or is it a matter of choice still?

2 - Is it better to learn pull offs with all your fingers on your right hand or simply hammer on tap every note with it? I see guitarists doing both and I'd imagine the first is better, but some confirmation would be nice.

To be honest I'd like to find somewhere which can just explain the rules (for good technique) and basics of this technique just so I can get started - Like with alternate picking you should keep your motions as small and relaxed as possible, I'm sure there are similar rules for eight finger tapping.

Any exercises, lessons, tabs, sheet music or anything related to this technique is also welcome and appreciated. Thanks in advance.