I Posted on here a few days ago re: a Boss Micro Br.. i am not technically minded Doh and got frustrated at having difficulties Converting my 4 tracks to 1 to be able to convert to MP3..and none of you got back to me

So My hubbs being my hubbs decided to go buy me an EASIER to use???? pfft all singing all dancing thing, Boss Br800 ..only had it since yesterday ( my Micro br is now on Ebay )

I cant get my head around the 800 i am a Singer /guitarist ... im in an Acoustic livelounge type trio and to be fair all i wanted was to record my lead / backing vocals and some geet...thats it... But cant justify my hubby spending over £400 quid ( got a condenser Mic kit too ) when i dont even play lead guitar!!! Ughhhhhh.. as a result I DONT find it easier to operate its almost gone out the window twice!!!

I want to return it to the shop!!! HELP a blonde Doh type Musician out here guys!!! im looking at Cakewalk V-Studio 20 Digital Recorder???
I have a Mac Pc ( garageband ) even find that a headwreck!! shall i hang up my boots and take up Knitting lmao..Would anyone please advise before i go back the shop tomorrow..

Is there a manual?

Manuals are designed for this very purpose.

They should be on the company's site. Just sit down and read it and try and get someone to help you.. If you take the time to learn it, then it'll pay off.

I'd also keep your BR and find the manual for that as well, because It'll be useful for on-the-fly recording.

EDIT: http://cms.rolandus.com/assets/media/pdf/MICRO_BR_Q_A.pdf
Page 5 might help.. I think.
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You've made an ole lady very happy!!!!!.. I do have the manual for the br..but have ADHD lol even at 46 and somehow a full page of gobble dee gook just dosent sink in...but the snippets you tagged!! worked perfectly!!!! THANK YOU!!! only snag now is getting a refund on the BOSS 800 i really an quite happy to just plod along and experiment with the Micro!!! whoop...happy days xxxx