Sound quality on the samples are a litttle sketchy but apart from that the songs are pretty good.
Well done on your deal and good luck for the future.
Haha, hopefully the last time i post on this thred,

The album can be preordered/ purchased from the labels official store

{Official store}

{Ebay store}

It will be put on itunes and amazon some time over the next few weeks.

I guess its time to see if it goes anywhere or sells anything.

Took a long time but its finally here now.
I'll be sure to check it out when it hits. Good luck dude, haven't heard anything like this since the 70's, at latest.
I don't know if you've tried it or not, or if you even have it where you live, but you should check out Kickstarter. It's a great way to get funded and stuff for new musicians. Pretty genius actually.

Anyway the music is rad. A different sound, and I appreciate that.
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i really like it, very chill. has a vague Beach Boys quality to it. Whats on your voice, just reverb? fantastic usage.

this is good stuff, honestly i'd try getting some attention of some big labels.

Edit: the town crazies just seems like it should be a free itunes single of the week and everyone will love you.
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The Town Crazies really reminds me of Franz Ferdinand, it just has that beat to it. Excellent work.
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