anyone know any decent sites that sell guitars at a decent price or somewhere i could would from a shop??

American Musical Supply has good prices and great customer service. However, while their selection is large, it isn't as huge as Musician's Friend. The latter, though, has customer service issues from what I understand, plus they are owned by Guitar Center (ugh!) so I've always avoided them.

I've read good things on various message boards about Sweetwater and Drum City Guitarland. I have no personal experience with either, though.

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anyone know any decent sites that sell guitars at a decent price

There's plenty of online-retailers if that's what you mean. Also sites where you can get used gear. Depends on your location though - so where do you live?

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or somewhere i could would from a shop??

Well most sites prices are going to be similar, unless a site's having a sale.

I've had good results using Guitar Center and Pro Guitar Shop. I've tried using Musicians Friend, but I've had problems, and I would not buy again from there.

Pro Guitar Shop also has a lot of videos demoing their gear which can be really helpful.
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^ Conversely, I've never had a problem ordering from Musician's Friend, and I've ordered internationally from them.

OP, what specifically is your budget for a guitar? You can find guitars for good prices all over the place and there's no one specific website that has good guitars for good prices all the time.
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