Hey guys, so we just released our self-produced debut EP, and I'd love to know what you think of it. You can check out our Sonicbids EPK and stream all 6 tracks here and you can find our official website here .

You can read more about us at both of those links, but basically we're a really young band (about 3.5 months officially) and we're working to do it all ourselves until we think we're prepared enough to bring other people on board. I recorded everything at my house. The actual budget to produce the EP was essentially $150 for mastering costs. And we'd describe our sound as '90s rock meets Texas alt-country. Tell me what you think about one or all of them and I'll return the favor. Our lead-off single is definitely "Neither Are You."

Seriously, Well Done sir!
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I only had a listen to 'Neither Are You' and 'Weight Off My Shoulders' and I really liked them. I haven't listened to music like this for a long time and I thought it's really nice. Surprisingly interesting guitar work for the genre, and the vocal melodies were definitely catchy. Great singing as well. Really liked the clean guitar and acoustic tones too, especially enjoyed the intro and verses of 'Weight Off My Shoulders'.

Not sure I can criticise much, hope you guys make it big!

On a much less professional sounding level is one of my songs, https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1441476 Keep in mind that I really don't know much about recording at all, and I'm aware of how rough sounding the guitars are.
Wow, when I read "country" in your description I was like yuk! But I gave it a listen. 'Neither Are You' is a beautiful song but I really enjoyed 'The Finer Things In Life' cos I'm a sucker for harmonies - whether its guitar or vocals. And you guys got some hair-raising harmonies. And some guitar solos too. Great tune.


EDIT: The Finer Things In Life & Weight Off My Shoulders - I like these. Super
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Listening to even if

This is fun and well produced great job! sounds super crisp. Luv the tones of the instruments. we feel on this particular track the guitar is a bit loud compared to the vocals in the verses...

In terms of songwriting it good. It fits the style, isn't too bold, but is pleasant and well crafted, the song just keeps moving along. Be proud, I'm gonna check out a couple more tunes see if they are as nice.

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