Hello, forum!

I bought a new acoustic guitar, with steel strings. I've always wanted one and I've played on my stepmoms for a while and I really enjoyed it. However, after I bought it, I took it home to play some, but the guitar strings hare incredibly hard. It hurts in your fingers whatever you do, and my fingers aren't really the strongest.

I'm not great with guitars and especially not with acoustic guitars, but if I find the strings too hard for me to play on, should I buy new strings and just replace the old ones, or is there some other way? Also, I have no idea what size these strings are, but they're pretty thick. What size would be recommended?

I don't know if it's the strings of if they're just stringed too hard. I would appreciate an answer as soon as possible!

Thank you!
you could get lighter string or just keep playing the ones your have now your fingers will get stronger and tougher over time. maybe your playing your notes to hard?
Depends on what guitar you have but I think you could get away with gauge 10 or 11 on most acoustics if you're just starting
I agree, I learned to play on thicker strings and lighter strings are that much easier now.
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I've been playing on it for a while, but before I got it I only played my nylon acoustic, so I'm very unused with these strings, so maybe you're right, I just need to play more with it.

and the guitar is a beginners guitar, i belive, it cost like $100 or something and is a SX guitar, it sounds decent, but it isn't anything fancy. Is it hard to change strings on an acoustic?