Hey I need help as I said I have an epi les paul standard with stock wiring other than 2 gibson hum buckers the neck is a 490r and bridge a 498t the problem is that the neck pickup is significantly louder and the bridge pickup barely has any output at all even right next to the strings it seems to be losing signal but i cant find where as all of my solders look good and i did get the neck pickup installed properly myself so whats wrong? could I have burnt the volume pot? would that cause this significant loss of volume? and how might I go about fixing this problem. thanks all help will be appreciated.
It's most likely going to be a faulty/dirty selector switch.
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I also have a dimarzio dp223 36th anniv. paf bridge and a coil tapping pot ready for this guitar but had wanted to try the 498 t first to see how it sounded and seeing that the 490r sounds great id really like to fix it but if its not worth it and i should just put in the dimarzio please let me know.
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It's most likely going to be a faulty/dirty selector switch.

Idont think so as i had the guitar working fine the day before with a sh4 in the bridge and now its not allmost no volume from bridge but ill check anyways. thanks any other suggestions anyone?