You want an 8 bit guitar sound....? why....?
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You can do several things:

Get a synth pedal
Get MIDI pups and a synth
Learn keyboards

Synth pedals (good ones) are quite expensive, and probably won't get exactly that sound...
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I've heard of pedals that can apparently simulate the 8-bit sound, made by FX doctor and MWFX, but I don't know how convincing they sound.

You could try with a compressor and a lo-fi fuzz.

If I recall correctly, the 8 bit sound consists of four tracks: two square waves for melody, triangle wave bass, and white noise for drums. You could use a really intense lo-fi fuzz that will distort your signal into something that resembles a square wave. Remember to only play single notes to get a smoother tone, otherwise the notes clash.
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a ring mod that can track notes? I don't think an 8bit pedal would give you that type of sound
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I think there are a few devi ever pedals that can do 8-bit sounds?
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