Basically, I wish I knew everything about Bellamy's rig, but my question here is Kaoss Pads and Guitars.. how does this work?

What I'm getting is that its basically two instruments in one, right?
The Kaoss Pad is a sampler/synthesizer and just works through the touch screen interface or whatever.. and the guitar is just a.. guitar.

I wish I came up with the wireless midi idea
I THINK that you can hook a kaoss Pad up to an effect rig or something and use it to modulate the effect...

Whammy, wah and the like
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It's not a wireless midi. It's the controller of a Kaoss pad built into the guitar. He has a guitar cable and a midi cable coming out of the guitar. The Kaoss pad itself sits either off stage or on his pedal board. There are almost a dozen threads on here about how it works and how he specifically uses it.