Hey guys,

Just finished recording the new song for a new record and thought I'd make a home video of it. Its very 80's-ish. Check it out.
Any thoughts, comments or criticism would be appreciated.

Nice song and good tone, I like it!

apart from the title, it's something already heard in many different works...
just another Heavy Metal guitar player
VERY well done bud! apart from the fact that i could've loved any song played on a 'gem' of a guitar like that hahaha .. but still i loved your riffs and i don't there there's anything at all i can say about the leads other than wow! nicely done!!

Hey thanks guys:

@zobra: yea i tried the song with a little more heavier rhythm guitars but that just seemed to drown the solo in a wall of sound! Didn't make any sense to me what was going on. So I decided to stick with this tone.

@abdulsadiq: thanks for the compliments. Yea that's some guitar .. I've been using the Ibanez RG since I started playing guitar! Only recently bought a "V" which I'll post a video of me testing it out later.