So, anyone here use a Variax? I tried one of the old ones a few years back and hated how they played. I've just been reading about these new James Tyler ones, they look like they could be a significant improvement. I must say I'd enjoy the convenience of having all those sounds but I'm a stickler for a good old fashioned strat.

What do you think?
Well I have one now. I got the JTV-69 US version and oh my god it is just the best thing Ive ever had!

All the tuning options all the models. The ability to create ur own models! Acoustic Guitars! Banjo and Sitar! !!! Its so much fun!!! Then tunings work perfectly and the models are very very good. I showed my guitar tutor it and he was blown away by it! Says the models are very very well done!

The action is amazing, the neck is quite fat but I love how it feels! The guitar can pratically in tune all the way from America.. Im from the UK! So I got to play it in tune as soon as I opened the hardcase!

The Magnetic Pickups sound really nice and the tone from the guitar is wonderful. The headstock shape some people dont like because it isnt 'classic' or what ever but I like its look. Its more modernised and unique!

I say that if you get one you will most likely be happy with it. Its good fun replaying rock and metal songs swung with the banjo model on hehehe..