Hi Folks,

I have wondered what all the talk about coated
strings was about. The only coated strings I have
tried in the past were black flat wound. They were
cool, but I have never seen another set. That was
decades ago.

I recently purchased a set of Ernie Ball’s coated
strings for $29.99 at GC and installed them on my
moded Peavey Fury,

They were very bright. Too bright for the first day,
and then they smoothed out and sounded more
like good old Ernie Balls. I thought they would
sound more dull than uncoated round wound???

With in a few weeks, I purchased black hardware
for my Fury. I just had to have some Black Beauties.
so, I bought a set of DR EXTRA LIFE hand made
coated Black Beauties at GC for $45.99. The same
size as the coated Ernie Balls. (105 to 45)

The Black beauties sounded dull compared to the
Ernie Balls. That was I had expected from coated

BUT,,,, the G string sounded dead???

I put the G string from the Ernie Balls on with the
Black Beauties.

The Ernie Ball G string is so bright, it makes the
the remaining Black Beauties sound dull.

I’m going back to the Ernie Balls.

I think the Black Beauties will work on my Squire
P bass with an Original 62 Fender pup. That 62
pup should pick up that G string with no problem.

I’ll let you Know.

I like the Black Beauties except for the dead G
on my Fury. I believe that is not the fault of
the string. Rather, it is just a mis-match.

I just thought I would pass on my odd experience
with coated round wound strings,


Thanks for sharing that. I would be interested in hearing how they are once you have had the chance to get them worked out. I rarely hear of anyone using those strings.
I just changed the strings on my Alvarez AEB5 from rounds to D' Addario flatwounds and the sound diff was obviously different. I don't know why I waited so long to switch to them.
Hay Vicker,

I ended up putting the Black Beauties on my Squire.
It has an Original Fender 62 Precision pickup. That
pup can handle the weaker response of the Black
Beauties. It sounds quite nice.

My Squire is just killer,

I put the coated Ernie Balls back on my Fury and it
is happy now also. It now has a good and balanced
output on all four strings.

The Coated Ernie Ball strings are much brighter and
more powerful.

The Black Beauties give a more muffled sound and
less umph. That sounds real good on the Precision
because the pickup is so umphie. If that makes any

Anyway, if you think Black Beauties are bright, think

However, they do sound nice on a Precision bass
and I am sure they would sound nice on lots of
other basses as well. Just not my Fury.

I've had 3 sets of DR coated strings, the Neons to be specific. All three sets sounded dead and could not cut through a mix at all with my 75RI Jazz. I emailed DR after the first set and they were kind enough to send me the other two sets but I had the same problem.
Can't speak for the Ernie Balls but if you're feeling experimental in trying other coated strings I highly recommend Elixir, they're great fairly bright strings and they last forever. Bit on the pricey side though.
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