So my drummer had an old Kramer Striker 400ST sitting around, just the body and neck. No electronics at all. He wanted twenty bucks for it and me being kind of impulsive, took him up on the offer. My guitar teacher knows about wiring and stuff so I'm not really worried about any of that. My question is, since it is cut for a vintage trem system, could I fit a floyd in there? I know if I wanted the floyd recessed it would need some cutting done. And if it's non-recessed, how much am I going to be able to pull up on it?
It depends on how you set your floyd up. Some people like non-recessed floyds right against the deck, such as EVH, which doesn't allow for any pull ups whatsoever. But some like a small gap so you can pull up very slightly. But saying that, you won't be able to pull up on the bar nearly as much if it is non-recessed compared to recessed. You would only be able to pull up at a fraction that a recessed cavity can at best
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I've got a Kramer Savant II with an OFR set up on it, non-recessed. And I can also get at least a full step pull-up out of it. That's with the bridge set up about a 1/4 off the body. The Striker model may be different than mine, though. It's plenty enough for a good dive-bomb and squeal, but it won't be enough of a pull up for any kind of Satriani or Alexi style screams.
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All right. Thanks for the responses guys. So WOULD I be able to recess a floyd rose in this particular guitar? There isn't a whole lot of wood there to begin with some I a bit nervous about taking anymore out. Not too mention I'm not sure there's anyone around here qualified to do that kind of work to a guitar.