I was at best buy the other day (yes yes I Know not the place for guitar equipment purchases but a friend was buying a computer and I was bored) and saw a line 6 I believe it was called a pod xt live where you just plug your guitar or bass in and record supposedly.

What im wondering is is it any good as far as sound quality wise? Im just looking for something to do some basic recording like recording riff ideas or songs. Also is the software that is recorded into included or do I need to download something? I assume it is but you never know.

EDIT: I mean just recording songs not anything super professional like pro tools as I cant really afford to have a setup like that with bills and such.
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The XT Live isn't geared mainly for recording, it's for live use. If you want something basic for recording riffs and little ideas or demos I would recommend the UX1 or UX2. The quality is just fine. These interfaces can really only be used for recording and need software to create the tones. They come with POD Farm 2 which is pretty nice and has a lot of usable tones and it's also very easy to make you own.