Hey guys,

I want to record some vocals and acoustic guitar (at the same time) in a bathroom cause I love the sound.
I'm not sure how the best way of recording it would be tho.

I have two choices.
I can

A) Use my Zoom H2 as a room mic with the 4 channel setting (or other settings) so it captures all the acoustics

B) Mic up my vocals and guitar. The mics I have are a SM58 and a rode M3.
I'll be the mics through my little mixer, one left channel, one right then output it to my Zoom and it records it.
Sm 58 -http://www.shure.com/americas/products/microphones/sm/sm58-vocal-microphone
Rode M3 - http://rodemic.com/microphone.php?product=M3

Thanks guys
I'd use the M3 on the acoustic guitar, the 58 for your vocals and then keep the zoom in the middle of the room for some ambiance.
Thanks dude,
I only problem is I can only use the M3 and the 58 at the same time or just use the H2 because of my set up.
So I'll use the M3 and 58