Hey guys, I'm guessing at least a few of you have been busking before, so I need a question answered. I have a PA system, that I want to busk with (Vocals and guitar) but I need a way of powering the damn thing. Does anyone know how I'd go about this?

Thanks in advance
I'd reccomend not using a PA system. Battery powered amp, at most. Buskers are meant to be poor, sir.
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I figure if people want to hear you they'll make effort to come and listen, also, i know in some areas there are rules about busking with amplification etc... just a heads up =)
have fun
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Seriously, it's not "a real G thang" to busk with PA.

If people want to listen to you, they'll come closer.

But if you still want to busk with amplification, get a portable battery or something like that from an electronic shop and match your performance to the runtime of the battery.
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Acoustic, that is all.

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... just a heads up =)
have fun


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Busking with anything more elaborate than an electric guitar and a battery powered amp = getting no money.

An old acoustic and the blues will, however, bring in the cash.

If you really want to use your elaborate rig, get a portable battery from an electronics shop. It's going to need a pretty good runtime for anything over an hour though.

I once saw someone busking with a drum kit. It was hilarious.
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