Sup, its me again.

What I want to know is..

Can I put a bridge pickup in the neck position and have it sound like it would in the bridge position?

How abaout the same for the middle position??

Thanks in advance
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Putting a bridge pickup in the neck position will make the sound of an overwound neck pickup.

In a strat, the 3 pickups are all the same physically, just wound to different resistances. My Texas specials were I think 6.5 in the bridge and 5.5 in the neck. Thus, the bridge pickup is usually wound hotter than the neck pickups, but the sound that they make is determined by their postition along the strings.
Not really, but you should try it out.
I remember when I got my guitar, the previous owner had put a bridge pickup in the neck and vice versa. I could tell something was up, but to me the position mattered a little more than the pickup.

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It would sound like a hotter neck pickup since generally the bridge pickups are hotter but you wont get the bridge sound..
basically, no. i personally like to use my neck pickup for soloing and tapping on higher notes, they cut through really nice. so, i would imagine that having a otter pickup in the neck will only enhance that tone, but you won't be getting the same sound as it would in the bridge. give the dimarzio x2n a shot in both positions. super hot passive pickup and has a really great tone for alot of styles